LA Times endorses Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders

Sanders, Clinton tied ahead of California primary
Sanders, Clinton tied ahead of California primary

The Los Angeles Times has backed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders ahead of Tuesday's California primary.

The Times' editorial board writes that the matchup puts a "former Secretary of State" vs. "a self-described democratic socialist from Vermont."

"This page has endorsed Clinton not because she is more likely to win the nomination but because she is vastly better prepared than Sanders for the presidency," the editorial board said.

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"Clinton is not only more knowledgeable about domestic and international affairs than Sanders, but also more likely to achieve objectives they have in common," the board said. "Her speech last week on foreign policy in San Diego — in which she skillfully skewered Trump for his ignorance and recklessness — was a reminder of the breadth of her understanding of international affairs. On domestic policy, her positions on issues such as healthcare and financial regulation are less utopian than what Sanders has proposed but also more realistic."

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The California primary is open to both registered Democratic and voters without a party affiliation.

The endorsement ends with the following message: "Voters in California's Democratic primary owe a debt of gratitude to Bernie Sanders for a campaign that has emphasized issues that otherwise might have been ignored. But they should cast their votes for Hillary Clinton."

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