The biggest mistake guys make with their business attire

Men's Fashion - How to Create Illusions with a Well Tailored Suit
Men's Fashion - How to Create Illusions with a Well Tailored Suit

Menswear expert G. Bruce Boyer has some advice for men who wear business attire every day: quit fussing.

The menswear expert included in his book "True Style: The History and Principles of Classic Menswear" what he calls the "big mistakes" that men make when dressing for work.

The number one mistake: making everything look too perfect, Boyer writes.

A bunch of guys wearing an identical suit to the same event emphasizes the idea that business dress is a uniform that can't be altered. Wearing the same suit the same way just highlights that idea even more.

"Everything all matched up makes the uniform obvious, overly fastidious, and blatantly narcissistic," Boyer writes.

Think Patrick Bateman in "American Psycho" — now head toward the opposite of that. Don't worry if your tie is slightly crooked, your hair is slightly out of place, or you can't quite see your reflection in your shoes. Don't worry if everything doesn't match perfectly.

It's ok! We're all human and have imperfections.

A good example of this is when you wear a tie. Unless your tie is a clip-on (which it shouldn't be...), you can expect it to never quite be perfect. Maybe you're wearing it a little off-center, or maybe it's slightly too long.

Don't worry about it! Pursuit of perfection is misguided — if every man who wears a suit to the office is pursuing the same idea of perfection, every suit will look exactly the same. Then, everyone really will look like office drones.

"Individuality should be in evidence, quietly," Boyer writes.