Watch a thrilled Prince meet his childhood hero, Muhammad Ali

Brother's tears for Muhammad Ali

As the world mourns Muhammad Ali's death, it's never been clearer that the iconic athlete was a hero for many — including for another icon, Prince.

Prince and Ali met in 1997 at a press conference to promote a charity concert at the request of a friend. According to Prince, though, he would have shown up for anything as long as Ali was involved. "[The friend] could have said 'mow the lawn' and I would have been down with it," he said.

"Muhammad's my hero," he added. "He has been since I was a child."

From one Greatest to another.

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Muhammad Ali and Prince together
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Watch a thrilled Prince meet his childhood hero, Muhammad Ali
The Artist formerly known as Prince (L) joins Muhammad Ali during a news conference announcing the World Healing Project and Honors Benefit Concert, June 24. The project is an international campaign against bigotry and prejudice to generate a renewal of the human spirit. The World Healing Honors is a major benefit concert for the project which will be held this October in Los Angeles.
I wish this year would stop already it's just to much.

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