This may be the world's most dangerous road

This May Be The World's Most Dangerous Road
This May Be The World's Most Dangerous Road

Could a dirt road in North India be one of the world's scariest paths to drive?

It could be, according to the Mirror, because the single narrow lane winds high above a steep drop with no protective barriers.

According to YouTube user Charanpreet Singh, "This stretch from Killar to Kishtwar... is also [known] as cliffhanger and is one of the most dangerous, scary, and exciting road patches of India."

A video he uploaded recently and another from last year show people on motorcycles driving along the often bumpy terrain with shots of cliffs above and a gorge far below.

Another group posted their own video of the journey, with larger cars appearing to barely pass under rocky overhangs.

In the description, they advise people to "Stick to the centre as the edges can sometimes simply crumble away."

It is unknown what happens when cars encounter oncoming traffic.

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