You could be showering all wrong

You've Been Showering All Wrong

By Angeli Kakade, Buzz60

Nothing wakes you up in the morning better than a nice hot shower -- but what's good for your spirits may not be the best for your body.

Here are a few things experts say you're doing wrong while getting clean:

1. Feeling Lukewarm
Using hot water actually damages hair follicles and is harsh on your scalp. Hot water activates the sebaceous gland, which secretes oil and can leave hair greasier. Stick with warm or room temperature water.

2. Scrub Up
While lathering up, experts say washing too harshly can rid our skin of its bacterial balance and affect our immunity. You're better off rolling around in a community garden and sticking with water after.

3. Make That Loofah Go "Poof"
Speaking of bacteria, ditch your loofah or pouf! Bacteria can feed on dead skin cells that are left on these sponges, which can cause infection on over-exfoliated skin.

If you love your loofah too much to part ways, stick it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

4. A Shower A Day (Is Unnecessary)
Showering every day is also a mistake. Studies say it strips the body of natural oils and natural bug flora, leading to dry skin and inviting the bad bugs in.

Experts say if you wash your hands and take care of the area below the belt, you really only need to shower every other day.

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