TV Ratings: 'The Blacklist,' 'Quantico' Top 2015-16 delayed-viewing rankings

Simon Sacrifices Himself to Save Thousands
Simon Sacrifices Himself to Save Thousands

NBC's "The Blacklist" and ABC's "Quantico" were among the 2015-16 broadcast series to show the most growth in delayed-viewing, according to Nielsen data.

For the season ending May 25, "The Blacklist" led all broadcast shows in percentage growth from live-plus-same day ratings in the 18-49 demo to live-plus-three numbers, up 79%. NBC's "Grimm" followed at 78%, with "Quantico" close behind at 77%.

TV's top-rated scripted shows — Fox's "Empire" and CBS' "The Big Bang Theory" — gained the most raw ratings points in delayed viewing, each averaging 1.7 points in growth between live-plus-same day and live-plus-three in the demo.

In total viewers, "Quantico" led all shows in percentage increase, up 69% from live-plus-same-day to live-plus-three. The CW's "The Originals" followed at 60%. In total viewers, seven of the top 20 percentage gainers hailed from the CW. That's due largely to the fact that the CW has fewer viewers than the Big Four broadcasters do, lowering the base number from which the percentage is derived. But it also speaks to the 18-34-skewing network's young audience, which is less inclined toward live viewing than older-skewing audiences are.

Technically, Fox's "Wayward Pines" also ranked among the top delayed-viewing gainers in all categories, but only the season finale of the summer event series aired after the start of the 2015-16 season.

See the broadcast shows that grew the most in delayed viewing below:


  1. "The Blacklist," NBC — 1.4 (L+SD), 2.5 (L+3), +79%

  2. "Grimm," NBC — 0.9 (L+SD), 1.6 (L+3), +78%

  3. "Quantico," ABC — 1.3 (L+SD), 2.3 (L+3), +77%

  4. "Shades of Blue," NBC — 1.2 (L+SD), 2.1 (L+3), +75%

  5. "The Originals," CW —0.4 (L+SD), 0.7 (L+3), +75%

Total Viewers

  1. "Quantico," ABC — 4.4 million (L+SD), 7.4 million (L+3), +69%

  2. "The Originals," CW — 0.9 million (L+SD), 1.5 million (L+3), +60%

  3. "Shades of Blue," NBC — 5.8 million (L+SD), 9.2 million (L+3), +59%

  4. "The Vampire Diaries," CW — 1.1 million (L+SD), 1.8 million (L+3), +56%

  5. "The Blacklist," NBC — 6.8 million (L+SD), 10.7 million (L+3), 56%