The top 10 hardest bosses in Dark Souls history

Boss Weapons in Dark Souls III

The Dark Souls games are hard -- very hard. They have a reputation for it and tend to flaunt it in our faces every time we play. In fact, they are so hard, we wanted to put together a list of the most hated, most brutal, most difficult bosses from the trilogy. So here is our list of the hardest bosses from Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3.

Honorable mentions: Pontiff Sulyvahn, Chaos Witch Quelaag, Gravelord Nito, Nashandra, Dancer of the Boreal Valley, Seath the Scaleless, and Bed of Chaos

10. Twin Princes

Lorian, the Elder Prince and Lothric, the Younger Prince, combine to be a real pain. After you finish off one brother and his health bar, you have to fight the two of them tag-teaming you. Not cool.

9. Ruin Sentinels

What's worse than two bosses fighting you at the same time? How about three? These sentinels hit hard and they like to knock you off the platform you're standing on, and will harass you until you're dead. Taking them out one at a time is the key to victory here.

8. Champion Gundyr

This is the second form of Gundyr, and he is WAY harder the second time around. He is one of the only bosses to be able to kick you from behind, if you're trying to hit him. And he will impale you and do a massive amount of damage. He's too big, and too fast, and has a long reaching weapon. What a jerk this guy is.

7. Vendrick

Vendrick is a simple boss to defeat, but that doesn't make him technically easy to beat, or make it a short fight. It's not. He is super tall, and has a gigantic sword, and might kill you in one blow. And he has a ridiculous amount of health at his disposal, depending on how many memory side-missions you've completed, so this optional boss is one that many people skip, and few have beaten.

6. The Nameless King

The Nameless King hits hard, he shoots lightning at you, and he flies around the skies, making him hard to lock down. And once you kill the Storm Drake he's riding, you have to take him on all over again. What a frustrating fight this is, it's a good thing he's optional.

5. Four Kings

Fun fact: Despite this boss being called the 'Four Kings', there can be up to six of them at once. And you fight them in a pitch black abyss, with no clue as to where the next kings are spawning. You have to beat them all as fast as you can, or else you'll be overwhelmed and swarmed by magic swords and ultimately, your death. This is one of the most challenging fights you'll encounter in all of the Dark Souls games.

4. Soul of Cinder

The Soul of Cinder, the final boss in Dark Souls 3, is designed to be the hardest fight in any of the three games. He's almost that, but does have two full health bars and gets more difficult the longer you fight him. Noticing a trend on this list? Yeah, two health bars for one guy is dumb, we agree. He starts out with fast sword swipes and then later moves onto magic attacks ON TOP OF him trying to stab you to death. If you can defeat him in combat, you deserve to beat Dark Souls 3.

3. Smelter Demon

Normally, big bosses like this shouldn't pose much threat to the player. Their lack of speed is more of a positive than their high damage being a negative. But in this case, the Smelter Demon, an optional boss in the hardest level of Dark Souls 2, the Iron Keep, is the exception to the rule. He does a downright stupid amount of damage, has far reaching fire coming from his sword, and also does slow burning damage if you stand near him, which you might need to do in order to attack him. And the space you have to fight him in is small. Good luck with this guy!

2. Throne Watcher and Throne Defender

Two bosses is worse than one, we know that for sure. One boss resurrecting the other one from death TO FULL HEALTH is just punishing and unacceptable. So with these two knuckleheads, you have to alternate between the two, and then try to finish them both off as fast as you can, without dying. It's one of the only boss fights in all three games that basically requires summoning extra help, just so you can get past these guys. It really grinds our gears, this fight.

1. Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough

If you try out a Dark Souls game for the first time, chances are this boss encounter is what drives you to stop playing and quit the series forever. They are by far the most popular, infamous, talked about, and cherished bosses in Dark Souls history, spawning cameo appearances in other games, cosplay outfits worshipping them, and lots of attention online as being known as the single hardest bosses in all of the Souls games. So don't beat yourself up if it takes you an eternity to beat them!

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