Stray dog refuses to go with rescuers until friend is saved

Dog Won't Leave His Dead Friend on Side of the Road
Dog Won't Leave His Dead Friend on Side of the Road

The bond between two dogs can be a very powerful thing. Sidewalk Specials rescue got a call about a stray dog who needed help on Easter—they called this terrified girl "No-Name" and noticed that she hadn't had a good meal in quite some time.

As they fed her, she slowly walked away while looking over her shoulders as if to say, "follow me."

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What rescue workers found left them speechless: another stray whom they aptly called "No-Name 2." It seems that No-Name was determined not to leave without her buddy. Unfortunately, No-Name 2 was just as neglected as her friend, and with a storm on the way, the rescue knew they had to help.

Praying for an "Easter miracle," they reached out to some people who'd offered to help with another "Harbour Dog" rescue. The town rallied together to help them work their magic and take care of these pups. No-Name wound up in a foster home, but while she was cared for, she was left to wonder where her friend had gone.

Initially, No-Name 2 had been given a deadline for adoption, but that wasn't the end.

With help from donations and countless shares of their story, they both landed in a furever home together. Now named Grace-Kelly and Hope, these two are inseparable and absolutely grateful for the outcome.

Check out these photos of a dog being reuinited with its owners after days in the wilderness:

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