Smorgasburg is waiting for you -- and here's why you need to try it



This year marks the 6th annual New York City Smorgasburg, the popular Brooklyn destination for all things food. With over 100 vendors and upwards of 10,000 daily visitors, it's no surprise that the food flea market totally meets all the hype that surrounds it. Additionally, the festival has become so popular that the organizers have expanded it to multiple locations around the New York City area.

Featuring everything from mouthwatering lobster rolls to fresh soda to the viral ramen burger, there's really no shortage of deliciousness at Smorgasburg. Wondering how we're so sure of it? The editors attended the food festival this weekend at the original Williamsburg location, and have plenty of social media to prove it. Check out some of our most mouth-watering Vines and Kanvases from Smorgasburg to confirm just how necessary it is for you to check it out this summer.

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1. The goa tacos are made right in front of you:


2. Lobster roll? Yes, please.

3. Nothing beats the heat like this mouthwatering dessert:

3. Smorgasburg is like live-action food porn:


4. You know this lemonade has to be good if it's willing to rival Queen Bey:

5. The crowd was unbelievable!


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We know Smorgasburg features the ramen burger, but have you seen the sushi burger yet?

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