One powerful tweet nails the simple truth about rape

23% of Women Report Sexual Assault in College

The biggest myths about rape?

It's about sex.

It's inevitable when drinking.

Boys will be boys.

People who rape just can't help it.

But this Tweet nails the truth about rape.

It's not about sex, it's about violence and control.

Sure, spades are used for gardening — but when you use one to attack someone, that's not gardening, that's violence. The same way that using sex as a tool for violence is rape — not sex.

This analogy has been circulating since at least 1997, but holds true today more than every. The dialogue about rape and sexual assault on college campuses is more heated than ever. The White House has made combating sexual violence against women a priority.

One Powerful Tweet Nails the Simple Truth About Rape

Even Vice President Joe Biden is speaking out about rape on campus as part of the White House's "It's On Us" campaign.

One Powerful Tweet Nails the Simple Truth About Rape

It's time to speak honestly about rape.

If it takes a gardening lesson to spark the convo, then so be it.

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