Most expensive cities to visit in the US will shock you

Most Expensive Cities To Visit In The U.S. Will Shock You

A new survey took into account the average cost of airfare, drinks, meals, and 3 nights of hotel accommodations for popular US vacation spots and came up with a list of the most expensive cities to visit.

The cost of living may be lower in the South, but traveling to Savannah takes you to the #5 most expensive city to take a vacation. The charming town has history that dates back to the Revolutionary War era, but because only six airlines fly into it's small airport, fares can run $430 per person on average.

Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge brings you to the #4 city, San Francisco. It's rising housing costs have made national news, but that also translates to hotel room prices.

The wineries of Napa Valley have a huge appeal for adult travelers with a sophisticated palate. Wine aside, foodies love this area, but food prices for one person on a three day trip averages $282.75. The closest airport to Napa Valley is 50 miles away, so the financial hit of airfare rises when you add the cost of a rental car.

Visitors go to Anchorage, Alaska during the summer to avoid the extreme winter temperatures, but that is also the time when costs in this #2 city rise. Just getting there can run almost $500 for a roundtrip flight!

According to this survey, the #1 most expensive place to vacation in the US is Jackson, Wyoming. While the cost of food, drinks, and accommodations average less than $300 per person for 3 days, its the high price of getting there that makes it so expensive. Flights to Jackson can reach almost $650!

With 50 beautiful states to visit, there are lots of places to go that won't inflict damage on your wallet!

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Most expensive cities to visit in the US will shock you

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