Hillary Clinton had a response at the ready when Donald Trump accused her of lying

Clinton's epic takedown of Donald Trump
Clinton's epic takedown of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton's campaign seemed to anticipate Donald Trump's response to her Thursday foreign-policy speech slamming his national-security credentials.

Clinton's camp sent out a memo as soon as her speech wrapped up, with the subject line "Trump Literally Said All Those Things."

"Some of the comments she referenced are so ignorant, incoherent or outrageous, it could be hard to believe they actually came out of the mouth of the GOP's presidential nominee," the memo read. "But they literally did. All of them."

The memo listed various remarks from Trump that Clinton had referenced in her speech, including links to the quotes.

So when Trump tweeted Friday morning implying Clinton had lied about Trump's positions, she had a ready response.

Here it is:

Clinton's speech got rave reviews from pundits and foreign-policy experts.

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In the speech, she roasted her likely general-election opponent on his comparative lack of experience on the world political stage, emphasizing her credentials and saying that electing Trump to the presidency would be a "historic mistake."

The speech was wide-ranging — Clinton hit Trump on his proposal to build a wall along the US border with Mexico, criticism of the Iran nuclear deal, comments on US alliances and nuclear proliferation, calls to bar Muslim immigrants from entering the US, and readiness as commander in chief.

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