Eating lots of fiber will help you live longer

Eating Lots Of This Will Help You Live Longer

By Amanda Kabbabe and TC Newman, Buzz60

We pull out all the stops to stay looking and feeling healthy: Juice cleanses, fad diets and munching on so-called "superfoods."

As it turns out, the answer to living a longer and healthier life has been inside your refrigerator this entire time.

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The answer is simple: Fiber!

An Australian study suggests the key to successfully aging lies within your diet. More than 1,600 people 50 and older were monitored to see the relationship between carbohydrate intake and the aging process.

The study found that the subjects with the highest fiber intake had a much higher likelihood of living longer, healthier lives.

In fact, after following up with the subjects 10 years later, the researchers found the people who consumed significant amounts of fiber had an 80 percent leg up on their non-fiber-consuming counterparts.

The high fiber group had fewer instances of diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia and even depression. Fiber has been proven to help regulate blood sugar, lower cholesterol and keep the digestive system regular.

Sounds good and simple enough, right?

Be sure to stick to fresh sources of fiber. Swap out cereals and bars labeled as "high fiber" for fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Getting your fiber from a natural source prevents you from consuming all the excess sugar that comes with processed "fiber-fortified" packaged foods.

So there really is something to that "apple a day" saying.

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