Cate Blanchett may take the Brad Pitt role in the female Ocean's Eleven

Jennifer Lawrence Eyed For Ocean's Eleven Spinoff
Jennifer Lawrence Eyed For Ocean's Eleven Spinoff

That all-female Ocean's Eleven revamp has already picked up Sandra Bullock for the lead, but who should they get to play the other ladies? According to The Playlist, one of them might be Cate Blanchett!

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The Aussie Oscar winner is reportedly "circling" a lead role in the film, with sources saying she'd be playing the equivalent of Brad Pitt in the original trilogy — not the same character exactly, just with a similar spot in the group hierarchy.

There's no word on which actresses might fill out the group, but maybe Rooney Mara can take the Matt Damon role, and maybe there will be some sort of business about some gloves, and maybe during the heist planning they'll eat a lunch of creamed spinach and poached eggs — what do you mean, "Now you're just turning this movie into a big-budget Carolsequel?"

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Check out more from Cate Blanchett in the gallery below!

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