'Batman v. Superman Ultimate Edition' trailer teases new scenes, clearer focus

Ben Affleck Talks Daughters & Wonder Woman's Badass Role
Ben Affleck Talks Daughters & Wonder Woman's Badass Role

The year's first big superhero slugfest is about to begin again, but this time things might look a little different.

A trailer for the expanded Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition — which adds an additional 30 minutes to Zack Snyder's DC superhero movie, which was already two hours and 33 minutes long — has been released, offering a brief glimpse at some of the new material being restored to the movie for its R-rated home release.

While the debut of Jena Malone's character — missing entirely from the version of the movie that was shown in theaters — is what's likely to catch most people's attention, it's telling that the trailer seems to suggest that at least part of the restored footage will focus on a thread of the movie that was genuinely under-served in the original release: Lois Lane's investigations into the events of the opening of the movie, which saw Superman framed for the murder of terrorists in the Middle East.

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Not only do we see Malone tell Lois that she's a good reporter because "things like this still shock you" — an interesting comment, considering that Lois is investigating potential government involvement with a terrorist act; whoever Malone's playing, she's certainly cynical enough to give Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne a run for his money — but we also see Henry Cavill's Clark Kent deny responsibility before a scene of what appears to be Superman destroying a missile in mid-air, watched by mercenaries working for Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg).

The trailer also plays up the movie's framing of Superman as an inspirational figure, and the reactions that provokes in "disbelievers" — both Batman's "You were never a god — you were never even a man," but also placing Lois' speech about the importance of Superman giving hope next to Lex saying, "Now God is good as dead." Could it be that the restored 30 minutes of footage will clarify this plot line and change the focus of the entire movie?

We'll know in a few weeks; Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will be released digitally on June 28, with the Blu-ray following on July 19. In the meantime, watch the trailer below.

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