3 things we approve: Sense of humor, breaking stuff and new Yankees uniforms?

Snoop Dogg Went to Kobe's Last Game
Snoop Dogg Went to Kobe's Last Game

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at AOL Sports, we take a look at three things that caught our attention in the world of sports -- or really anywhere else.

First: Thank you, Jimmy Kimmel -- once again -- for blessing us all with your mean tweets.

In the latest edition of the hysterical series, the NBA's biggest stars read rude tweets from other people directed toward them. Our favorite:

Jimmy Kimmel and team, for this, you get a...

Second thing we love: Passion in the workplace! And Steve Kerr definitely had a lot of it during Game 1, while his Warriors were blowing a large lead in the second half against the Cavs.

That passion was exuded in the form of brute force, blasting his clipboard to smithereens.

It definitely wasn't the poor little guy's fault. But somebody had to pay the price. And judging by the run Golden State went on after the destruction, maybe this should become a new halftime ritual.

Steve Kerr, we love your fire. Here's something for you.

Finally... Hey! The Yankees changed their uniforms. Kind of.

The team tweaked its timeless duds by changing their batting helmets, from glossy to matte. And in our honest opinion, they look pretty (insert fire emoji here).


It was a minor tweak, but if it's not broke, don't fix it (too much). Cool job, Yanks. Here's a reward.

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