The top 10 most infamous E3 moments of all time

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As E3 quickly approaches, we decided to take a look back and rank some of the most head-scratching, infamous moments to come out of the conference. So here is our list of the not-so-best moments from previous years, including some truly awkward, cringe-worthy stuff we'd rather forget about before this year's show (just for karma's sake). If you need a primer on what E3 is exactly, check out this article right here.

Attendees react during a video game presentation at the Sony Playstation E3 conference in Los Angeles, California June 15, 2015. REUTERS/Kevork Djansezian

10. Kinect, child actors, and Skittles the Tiger (E3 2010)

Gamers are smart, sometimes so much that we tend to see through corporate attempts to pander to us. And a lot of these press conferences are hired acts, actors, smoke and mirrors, and corporate buzz words that are aimed at attracting an outside audience. And it's noticeably bad oftentimes on a large scale presentation in front of gamers. This example, of a child actor not using a Kinect to interact with a tiger, is scripted terribly and just confounding. Who is this for? Why is it this awkward? Who named the tiger Skittles? It's cringeworthy stuff to watch.

9. Ubisoft brings dancers and laser tag? (E3 2010 and 2014)

Ubisoft typically likes to think outside the box. And they also live outside the box, and just do whatever they feel like doing, and they've shown up to E3 with some odd...performances. First is the laser tag game that has nothing to do with video games, and actors ran around the auditorium to laser tag works. Then they bring in a full dance routine to show off Just Dance, even though that is not how the game works at all. It's just bizarre to stick these things in the middle of an otherwise traditional press conference showing high profile games.

8. The bottom of an Avatar's shoe (E3 2009)

There is just no explaining this one. You make of it what you will, but clearly something went wrong and nobody asked for this, or this to happen like it did. Just...yeah, that happened.

7. The audience boos AT&T (E3 2011)

AT&T did not have a great reputation back in the day, having spotty service and being the butt of many jokes, but when Sony announced it would be partnering with them on the Vita, the response was...poor. And it was awkward, and painful. You just hate to see this thing happen on stage.

6. Jaime Kennedy and Tony Hawk (E3 2007)

This is the worst interview gone wrong, and we are just not sure what Jaime Kennedy was thinking that day. No wonder he was never asked to come back to E3 ever again, by any company. But we feel bad for Tony Hawk, who has to endure this stuff all the time. He's actually a legit game developer, on top of being a mogul and skateboard legend!

5. Mr. Caffeine (2011)

We do not know who this man is, why he hosted this conference, why he made the jokes he did, and why he likes caffeine so much. But it explains his hyperactivity. After this travesty of a show, Aisha Tyler has hosted every Ubisoft presser ever since, and done a terrific job. We love her, and have no clue where Mr. Caffeine went.

4. "My body is ready" (2007)

We have to be honest: we aren't sure this is really that bad of a moment, but this quote definitely became a meme and a joke we all use around the office. It's hilarious, and we don't know why. But it blew up in 2007 and just stuck around, and Nintendo and Reggie have made references to it ever since. We love this moment for how weird and off-the-cuff it is, and wanted to include it on this list because it fit better here than our 'best of' list.

3. The Wii Music demo (2008)

We cannot defend this reveal of Wii Music, a game that was not well liked or received by fans or critics. And maybe it was this stage presentation of it that did this game in, who knows, but it's just as awkward and strange now as it was back in 2008. Just a lot of flailing and bad acting and confusion all around. The Wii had plenty of games like this, and would be the start of a lot of shovelware to come for the console.

2. Konami's Press Conference (E3 2010)

No words can describe this press conference. None. Whatsoever. It is just the most...unique thing to happen at an E3. A lost in translation, cross culture mishmash of Japan and the U.S. that created the most tension filled conference of bad jokes and head scratching moments we've ever witnessed. Konami did not continue the trend of these shows after this, but it'll go down as one of the worst E3 conferences of all time, easily. For sure the wackiest, that we can all agree on.

1. The Playstation 3 Reveal (E3 2006)

There has been no lower point for a company at E3, or in gaming, than the failed attempt to introduce the Playstation 3 to a mainstream audience and the press, ever. Just the worst collection of mistakes, long pauses, gimmicks, bad demos, and a lot of horrible PR disasters. It has gone down as the collective worst two hours a company has had on an E3 stage, and really set the PS3 up for failure, and this collection of jokes have made their way into gaming history as go-to memes, that are used to show what not to do at E3. "$599 US dollars", "Giant enemy crabs", "It's Ridge Racer!", and more. They're all-timer memes, and hate/love this conference. It was boring and confusing at the time, and is now just a clear example of the most infamous E3 moment ever.

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