Students pull colorful yearbook prank using identical Hawaiian shirts

Epic High School Prank Called 'Once in a Lifetime' by Cops
Epic High School Prank Called 'Once in a Lifetime' by Cops

No, 50 people at this school don't all own the same yellow Hawaiian shirt.

But 50 people did want to participate in a fun prank, so a few creative minds bought five of said shirt and started plotting.

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According to Imgur user DaveHusselbee, who spearheaded the operation, he and a group of friends passed the five shirts along to participants throughout Picture Day last fall.

At day's end, enough people had worn the shirt in their photos to create some noticeably yellow yearbook pages when the book finally arrived this week.

Image: imgur/davehusselbee

A few teachers even got in on the fun. We especially appreciate the bottom right teacher's effort to keep his other shirt collar neat amid all the tropical fun.

Image: imgur/davehusselbee

If you would like to organize your own yearbook prank (and of course you do), you can find the shirt here. If subtler tones are more your speed, it also comes in blue and black prints.

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