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We all know that technology can do incredible things, but sometimes our gadgets seem to add more problems to our life than they solve. Here are 11 solution-oriented gadgets that will simplify your life through easy to use and integrated technology. Below, we've partnered with our friends at MikMak to let you play short product videos, hit add to cart and purchase right here on AOL.

1) Add 2 USB ports to your standard wall outlet.

2) Track down your lost keys (or any other item you're prone to misplace).

3) This moodlight and speaker combination is perfect for relaxation, romance, or parties.

4) A lightbulb that boosts your wifi range and can be controlled from your smartphone.

5) Stay connected to your kids (age 2+) with a simple toy that allows you to easily share messages with each other.

6) A pocket-sized keyboard for typing on your smartphone or tablet.

7) Play your favorite music in the shower with a waterproof speaker.

8) Stay safe while running or playing outside with firefly feet (great for kids, too!).

9) Keep all your cords accessible and untangled with this nifty organizer.

10) Say goodbye to sleepless nights with cushioned headphones that are designed to lull you to sleep.

11) A dimmable lightbulb that plays music from a high quality JBL speaker, controlled entirely from your smartphone.

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