Remember Kay Panabaker from Disney Channel's 'Read it and Weep'? You'll never guess what she's up to now

10 Stars Who Almost Played Iconic Disney Channel Roles
10 Stars Who Almost Played Iconic Disney Channel Roles

Disney Channel original movies were the highlight of any millennial.

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From "Halloweentown" to "Smart House," the DCOM Originals were at their peak in the mid 2000's. One of our favorites was "Read it and Weep." The 2006 movie told the story of Jamie Bartlett, played by Kay Panabaker, who finds herself in a bit of a sticky situation as her private journal about the musings of high school, gets published into a book. Is, played by her older sister Danielle Panabaker, is her alter ego, and main character in her journal.

Check out the trailer below for a bit of a refresher.

You probably recognize the older sis from the CW's "The Flash," but what in the world has Kay Panabaker been up to?! Lucky for you, we did a bit of a dig, and you'll never guess what she's up to now.

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Playstation 2's "Kingdom Hearts II" Launch Party - Arrivals

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The now 26-year-old, pictured below, hasn't been up to much since her Disney days, only having recently acted in 2012.

After a bit of digging, Panabaker is...get ready for it, a zookeeper! That's right, Kay Panabaker decided that acting wasn't for her.

One fan asked her on Twitter why she drifted away form acting and her answer was the absolute best.

She also posted on Twitter about staring in "Read it and Weep" over Memorial Day Weekend when they showed all of their DCOM original movies!

BRB while we quit our jobs and become zookeepers!

Check out more Disney love in the gallery below!

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