Orphaned fox is best friends with new dog mom

Orphaned Fox is Best Friends with New Dog Mom
Orphaned Fox is Best Friends with New Dog Mom

"The Fox and the Hound" may not have had a happy ending, but this story of an orphaned fox befriending a dog sure does.

A fox named Fergie was found and rescued in the Australian bush as a baby.

She was taken to Greener Pastures Sanctuary, which was founded by Rachel Parker.

Because Fergie was the only fox at the sanctuary, Parker worried she'd get lonely.

And then Fergie met Faith.

Faith the rescued dog meets Fergie the rescued fox.... through the fence for now, soon they can play together in the enclosure. There were two waggy tails and lots of play bows and leaping about! So sweet!! 󾬐

Posted by Greener Pastures Sanctuary on Monday, May 23, 2016

Faith is a rescue dog who has helped raise kittens, piglets and lambs. Fergie and Faith are a perfect match.

Young Fergie is full of energy and needs lots of love and attention.

Meanwhile, 11-year old Faith is kind and patient, so they totally balance each other out.

And while another Fergie sang that "Big Girls Don't Cry," the mother-daughter relationship between these two is more than enough to make you tear up.

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