Everything you've ever wanted to know about the dollar store, as told by a store manager

Dollar Stores Earnings Flourish
Dollar Stores Earnings Flourish

Whether you like the thrill of finding a killer bargain or need to reign in your spending and your budget, the dollar store is one of those places that has something for everyone.

It's also one of those places that raises a lot of questions about the quality, price and manufacturing of all the items.

Nothing's better than an amazing deal, and it's important to know where the items that you're purchasing are coming from and whether or not they're truly safe to use or consume.

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Luckily for all of us curious deal hunters, Reddit hosted an AMA with a manager of a local Dollar General who addressed some of the questions we've always wanted to ask.

Here were the top five pieces of information we learned from him:

How the products are actually sold for such a low price:​


Where most dollar stores find the generic $1 priced items:​


Whether or not the food is safe to consume:


The specific items that are the best deals:


Brand name items that you can find at a dollar store for cheaper than a regular store:


You can view the full AMA here.

Now, check out our roundup of the 17 items you should always buy at a dollar store:

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