Curt Schilling sounds off on Barack Obama

Stephen A  Smith Challenges Curt Schilling To A Debate
Stephen A Smith Challenges Curt Schilling To A Debate

Curt Schilling, an unemployed baseball commentator who moonlights as a volunteer political commentator on social media, has a fresh hot take on President Barack Obama.

Schilling, who was fired by ESPN after repeatedly spewing insensitive and bigoted opinions on Facebook, Twitter and talk radio, has vamped up his commentary even further since his dismissal. Most recently, he called his former employer racist. Wednesday, he went on a rampage against the president for hosting the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos on June 6 -- the anniversary of D-Day.

Schilling suggests that the president shouldn't need to adhere to whatever scheduling limitations are bringing the Broncos to Washington that day. He says the day should be dedicated to the "Greatest Generation" in memory of "the greatest invasion mankind has ever known."

Later on Twitter, he suggested that Obama should instead host D-Day veterans instead of the Broncos, implying that the president isn't fond of the United States or its soldiers.

If nothing else, at least Schilling's unemployment makes him that much more entertaining on social media.

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