Bizarre reason people are now inhaling chocolate

People Inhaling Chocolate at German Club
People Inhaling Chocolate at German Club

Most of us LOVE chocolate. We turn to it during depressing and desperate times, in moments of happiness and, most importantly, whenever we need to satisfy our tremendous sweet tooth.

But what if we told you some people are turning to chocolate in order to get high?

That's right -- people are skipping the drugs and drinks, and instead opting to snort cocoa powder, giving the term "chocolate wasted" a literal meaning.

The latest party drug in Berlin is raw cacao powder and some clubs are even offering the substance in laced drinks.

One club serving the eyebrow-raising stimulant is Lucid. The club's owner claims the high-grade chocolate is completely safe, however there is no research on its effects

The drug is said to have similar effects to ecstasy.

We don't know about you -- but we'd rather take our chocolate in the form of a milkshake or in a box of See's candies any day.