6-year-old calls 911 on dad after he ran red light

6-Year-Old Calls 911 to Tattle on Dad Running Red Light
6-Year-Old Calls 911 to Tattle on Dad Running Red Light

Six-year-old Robbie Richardson was riding in the car with his father when he witnessed his dad run a red light.

Robbie, who wants to be a police officer when he grows up, warned his father that what he did was wrong and that he would report him to the police -- and he did just that.

When the two got home, Robbie called 911 to report his father's offense.

"My daddy went past a red light. He has a black truck and he was in the brand new car, my mommy's car," the six-year-old told the 911 operator .

The dispatcher then asked to speak to Robbie's father, who apologized for his son's call.

Michael, Robbie's father, told The Boston Globe that after stopping at a light he proceeded to take a right turn on red. Although Micheal attempted to tell his son its okay to run a red under certain circumstances, Robbie wasn't convinced.

"Everyone follows the rules, but not daddy" Robbie told The Boston Globe.

Robbie has learned a new rule himself -- his father has taught him only to call 911 in a real emergency.

But the next time his dad runs a red light he won't be off the hook.

"When my daddy goes past a red light again, I'll call the eye doctor," Robbie said. "So he can fix his eyes."

The phone call was shared on the Quincy County Police Department Facebook page:

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