12 veggie burgers to keep non-meat eaters happy at every summer cookout

If you don't eat meat, I can almost guarantee you've been to a summer gathering where the majority of guests are enjoying juicy, thoughtfully seasoned hamburgers, and you're stuck with a mediocre, frozen patty made with a long list of unidentifiable ingredients.

This summer, up your game: Treat your guests to a delicious veggie burger made with wholesome ingredients. Or, if you're a vegan or vegetarian, treat yourself—plan ahead and make your own patty (or a few to share!) to bring with you. Here are a dozen recipes to choose from that will taste better than the ones in a box.

And in case you're more the (Not)Recipe type, here are some guidelines to help you successfully go rogue: How to make a veggie burger without a recipe.

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Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe
Ultimate Veggie Burger Recipe