12 confessions from call center employees will make you feel better about your job

Any time you have a problem with a product or a company, who do you look to? You probably Google the customer service phone number, and rely on whatever representative you connect with to help you solve your problem. Easy, right? Not always.

Whether it's frustration with company policy or product dissatisfaction, oftentimes the place where you express your grief with your issue is to the call center representative who answered your call. So if you think it's frustrating for you, imagine how the call center workers must feel after dealing with disgruntled customers all day, every day.

Several call center employees took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express what it's really like to deal with the demands of their jobs.

1. Dealing with just one pleasant customer might make all the unpleasant ones less bothersome:

I hate working at a call center, but I also just received a compliment for being "exceptionally professional".... I

2. Just because you're not dealing with people face-to-face doesn't mean it's easier for shy people:

As an introvert, working at a call center is so hard. By the second hour, I

3. Even worse than rude customers is constantly fearing that you're about to lose your job:

I hate working at a call center, one bad call and they can fire you. There

4. Spending all your time somewhere that you hate is extremely disheartening:


5. Yes, customer service reps can hear you background noise, and, yes, it's annoying:

I work in a call center, I don

6. These employees are more than ready to go home when the time comes:

I work in a call center. At the end of the day I

7. Customer service representatives are literally not allowed to assist you if you fail your security questions:

I work at a call center and the last thing I need is for you to fail your security questions. It makes it that much harder to help you

8. No one knows the art of self-control like call center workers:

Working at a call center is very stressful. When callers are rude, you still need to be nice to them. It sucks.

9. It's hard not to be on the defense when you know that clients are trying to pull fast ones on you:

Working at a call center. 20% of customer complaints are legit. The rest of the 80% are people that are idiots or just want things for free.

10. It's the little forms of self-expression that help you get through the day:

I work at a call center I have learned how to be sarcastic and sound nice at the same time.

11. Most people don't realize how long of a way a little bit of kindness goes:

I work at a call center, those surveys at the end of the call? We read those. Say something sweet, make someone

12. Some employees lose their faith in humanity after dealing with such rude customers:

I used to be a people person before I started working at a call center.

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