That time Angelina Jolie visited a Sears Portrait Studio (sort of)

Angelina joins world of celebrity professors
Angelina joins world of celebrity professors

And you thought your high school yearbook pics were embarrassing.

Before Angelina Jolie was an A-list actress, humanitarian, mother, wife to Brad Pitt and all-around bombshell, she was just a 16-year-old trying to model in front of some Sears-esque backdrops.

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To make you feel better (or probably worse) about your teenage years, we've unearthed these model shots of Angelina from 1991 — a year she apparently loved a good hat.

But despite the awkward posing and not-so-great '90s fashion, a young Angelina can still put all of us to shame. Case-in-point:

Image: Harry Langdon/Getty Images