Texas teacher was impregnated by student, 14, during months-long affair: Cops

Teacher Charged With Child Sex Abuse After Being Impregnated By Student
Teacher Charged With Child Sex Abuse After Being Impregnated By Student

A Texas teacher stands accused of the sexual abuse of a teenage student she allegedly had an affair with starting when he was in eighth grade.

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Alexandria Vera, 24, who was an English teacher in the Aldine School District, was at one point impregnated by the teen student until she terminated the pregnancy when investigators began asking questions about their relationship, court documents reveal.

A warrant was issued for Vera's arrest. She turned herself in Wednesday morning, according to KHOU.

Photos from the case:

According to court documents, Vera and the victim were involved in a relationship that even his parents were aware of and supported, despite his being just 13 when it allegedly began.

The two allegedly had sleepovers, after which court documents allege the teacher would drive the student to his school bus stop.

According to the documents, the relationship first began on Instagram.

"She said that at first he was rude to her but then later he started asking her for her Instagram name," the court document reads.

Vera said she refused to give the boy her Instagram during summer school, but later relented after learning he was assigned to her English class in the fall.

"This led to him asking for her phone number," according to the court papers. In the ensuing days, kisses in Vera's car quickly led to sex, the documents read.

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Vera met the boy's parents during an October parent-teacher conference and was later introduced to them as his girlfriend at their home, documents say.

Vera also told investigators that, for nine months, she and the boy "had sex on almost a daily basis at her home and that they love each other," the documents say.

The teacher, who has a 4-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, has been charged with continuous sex abuse of a child.

The Aldine Independent School District said in a statement provided to InsideEdition.com that Vera was terminated as soon as the allegations were first made in April.

"The teacher was immediately removed from the school and placed on administrative leave," the statement said. "Aldine ISD Police investigated the incident and turned their findings over to the Harris County District Attorney's Office. The safety and security of Aldine ISD's students and staff remains a priority of the school district."

Vera's bond has been set at $100,000 and she remains in custody.

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