Stay in the world's smallest Airbnb rental available

Stay in the World's Smallest Airbnb Rental Available
Stay in the World's Smallest Airbnb Rental Available

By: Amanda Kabbabe and Patrick Jones

Airbnb is a service that truly allows you to live in someone else's shoes.

And now, Airbnb is more affordable than ever, with teeny tiny rooms available for rent.

A 25-square-foot rental in Boston is going for just $55 per night. Some would say the space is tight, and others might prefer the word "cozy." Amenities include running water and a toilet. Possible deal-breakers include a lack of heat or AC and no Wi-Fi.

Photo via Airbnb

The space was designed by artist Jeff Smith, who credits his inspiration to the Tiny House Movement. The Tiny House Movement was sparked by an ecologically friendly group, hoping to halt the increasing threats of global warming while combating rent prices.

So regardless of the size, these mini-rooms are a great idea (as long as they get that Wi-Fi situation figured out).

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