Starbucks CEO clears the air over ice lawsuit

Starbucks CEO: Ice lawsuit much ado about nothing
Starbucks CEO: Ice lawsuit much ado about nothing

In a recent interview with CNBC's Kelly Evans, Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz addressed the lawsuit that alleges Starbucks employers put too much ice in customers' drinks.

According to USA Today, the lawsuit was filed by a Chicago woman for $5,000,000. The woman claims that by using large amounts of ice, Starbucks employees do not provide customers with the amount of tea or coffee the company advertises. In addition to large amounts of ice, the lawsuit also mentions patrons pay more for cold drinks even though they receive less liquid than the hotter drinks.

As a response to the allegations, Schultz simply said the "ice issue" is, "Much ado about nothing." He also went on to speak about the company's new partnership with Chase and Visa which will eventually allow customers with a Starbucks Visa debit card to use it in "places all over the country."

Watch the interview above to hear more of Schultz's plan for the company and his views on if America is headed for a recession.

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