NHL Rumors: Las Vegas will get NHL team for 2017-18 season

Las Vegas and Quebec City Bid for NHL Team; Seattle Is Out
Las Vegas and Quebec City Bid for NHL Team; Seattle Is Out

The NHL has long discussed adding another team to the Western Conference so that the league can be more balanced. Currently, the Western Conference has 14 teams while the Eastern Conference has 16 teams. According to Adrian Dater, Las Vegas will be getting a hockey team for the 2017-18 season.

If this is true, that means that there will be an expansion draft after next season as expected. The Board of Governors are expected to confirm that Vegas is getting a hockey team later in June. Teams will have to prepare for the expansion draft since there are some rules that could affect how teams will go about their business leading up to the expansion draft.

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Should Vegas get a team for the 2017-18 season, the NHL will likely be the first of the major professional sports leagues to have a team in the city. The NFL is also considering a move to Las Vegas for the Oakland Raiders and it's something that Jerry Jones supports.

There are some issues that the league will have to deal with if they want to move with Vegas. The biggest issue would likely be the stadium. Can it host hockey games consistently? Another issue will be the market. Giving Arizona a hockey team hasn't gone as well as planned. Can the league afford another team in the desert?

There is also the eternal gambling issue, but considering the league has wanted to move to Vegas for quite some time, they likely are prepared to deal with that issue.

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