Miley Cyrus sings 'I'm Your Man' and 'I'm a Woman' on 'Maya and Marty' debut: Watch

Maya Rudolph & Martin Short on Their New TV Variety Show
Maya Rudolph & Martin Short on Their New TV Variety Show

Miley Cyrus provided one of the bright spots on Tuesday night's debut of the new NBC variety show Maya and Marty. In an premiere that featured such heavy hitting guests as Steve Martin and Tom Hanks, Cyrus managed to steal some of the spotlight with a gender-bending two song mini-set that seemed determined to prove that you can have it both ways. Well, at least she can.

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Taking the stage in a glittery tuxedo and top hat combo, Cyrus wrapped her smoky voice around Leonard Cohen's 1988 track "I'm Your Man," biting into lines such as "Ah, the moon's too bright/ The chain's too tight/ The beast won't go to sleep/ I've been running through these promises to you/ That I made and I could not keep/ Ah but a man never got a woman back/ Not by begging on his knees."

Lending her country twang to the song about a man willing to do anything for his lover, Cyrus unexpectedly switched it up a few minutes in by ripping off her tuxedo pants to reveal a pair of nude tights and a high-cut leotard as she kicked up the tempo and switched out the somber mood for a more joyous one to tackle Peggy Lee's 1963 female empowerment anthem "I'm a Woman."

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Joined by Rudolph -- wearing bedazzled black hot pants and a shiny white tuxedo shirt and untied bow tie combo -- Cyrus bumped and grinded through the famed Lieber and Stoller-penned song about female self-reliance and strength. "I can make a dress out of a feedbag and make a man out of you," Cyrus snapped near the end of the four-and-a-half minute showstopper. She also returned later in the show for a sketch parodying the children's book Goodnight Moon.