Making summer entertaining easy and fun so you can spend time with those you love

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You love your friends and family more than anything -- but you don't see them nearly as much as you'd like to. So when you do, why spend extra time in the kitchen, whether it's before or after the meal?

There's a few ways we can maximize time spent doing what we actually want to do -- like utilizing prep work and the right products to knock off a bunch of time typically spent on clean-up. That way, you can take in the gorgeous summer days with your favorite people.

We asked our bloggers for tips on how to entertain in the summer in the best (read: easiest and most fun!) way possible, and they showed us their favorite ways to use the disposable products from Chinet® Classic White™ to throw the ultimate summer soiree. Click through below to see more!

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Making summer entertaining easy and fun so you can spend time with those you love
"Bring unbreakable dinnerware. Make your life easier and use simple paper plates and plastic flatware that you can easily carry with you to the park and throw away (recycle) when you're done. I recommend going for something classic like Chinet® Classic White™ paper plates." -- Amanda, Advice from a Twenty-Something
"There's no better way to spend summer than by bringing everything outdoors. Why not get your friends together and host a summer soirée at a nearby park? (If you find one with a communal grill, even better!)." -- Amanda, Advice from a Twenty-Something

"Although I love a good party, as you probably know, I typically don't love parties when kids are involved since things are pretty much guaranteed to get messy and broken.  But since my boys asked so nicely, and I hadn't done any parties involving them for a long time, I gave in and agreed to host an end-of-the-school-year party. We came up with a fun theme --the Finger Food Fiesta -- and together with Chinet® brand we made a festive and kid friendly party." -- Merrick, Merrick's Art

"Since we were doing a Fiesta, I wanted to add a fun little element to the Chinet® Classic White™plates, so I used colorful streamers, cut them into thick fringe, and hot glued them to the underside of the plates for a pinata-esque feel. It was such an easy project, but it totally dresses up a simple white plate and makes it super festive." -- Merrick, Merrick's Art
"Think easy peasy. The key word here is casual! The last thing you want to do as a hostess is spend all of your time coming in and out of the kitchen worrying about dishes piling up in the sink!" -- Chloe, Boxwood Avenue
"Paper plates are an excellent option for dining outdoors, especially when you’re serving a large group of people. I like to place out a galvanized trashcan for guests to toss their used plates because it allows easy composting & recycling!" -- Chloe, Boxwood Avenue
"As the host, there is absolutely no part of me that wants to worry about dishes or clean up. Just like our guests, I want to be playing in the yard & catching up with friends." -- Lauren, Lauren Kelp
"That is why, every year at this time, I stock up on Chinet® Classic White™ disposable plates. They are perfect for a big crowd, to tuck in a picnic basket, or just to have on hand for the spontaneous backyard get-together." -- Lauren, Lauren Kelp
"What is it about the smell of a charcoal grill that just screams summer? That conjures images of backyard parties complete with tiki torches, background filled with country music and chitter chat of friends?" -- Megan, With Salt and Wit
"These days, with a little one around, time is even more valuable.  Meaning time with him, along with our friends as well! So when we are able to gather with friends, I choose enjoying my time with them, rather than cleaning up our mess. That is why Chinet® Classic White™ is a barbeque staple. They are elegant enough for these juicy, charred pork chop with crispy corn salsa, or  for any outdoor occasion, making  clean up a breeze." -- Megan, With Salt and Wit
"I am always looking for ways to keep my children busy by learning and being creative during the summer.  Our favorite activities are hands on crafts that we can make together and anytime we can add googley eyes to a project, it's a win :) These Monster Munch Treat Pockets are so much fun to make and uses supplies you most likely already have in your own home!" -- Katie, Made to be a Momma
"We used the Chinet® Classic White™ plates for both the monster munch treat pocket and also as a tray to hold the paint."  -- Katie, Made to be a Momma
"I swear there just isn’t anything more relaxing than dining in the open air! When the weather is hot and I am yearning to get outdoors I have a few go-to, no cook recipes that are easy to make, but so delicious that my friends and family think I slaved away in the kitchen all day." -- Meg, Beard and Bonnet
"The only thing that could potentially wreck my summertime vibes after a day full of great food, friends and sun would be a mountain of dishes to haul home and wash. So, this year I am making things a bit easier on myself and keeping a stash of Chinet® Classic White™ plates and napkins on hand in our picnic basket." -- Meg, Beard and Bonnet
"I love to get together with friends and family, but with four kids and all of life’s craziness I sometimes get overwhelmed by the idea of entertaining. That’s why I love the Chinet® brand, and especially their Chinet® Classic White™ line." -- Jen, Tatertots and Jello
"My son just graduated from college and I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a BBQ. You can’t go wrong with grilled sausages, potato salad and chips. And to make things even more festive I created some simple black and white BBQ printables to go along with the BBQ theme." -- Jen, Tatertots and Jello

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