King Tut's dagger was made using meteorite fragment

King Tut's Dagger Was Made Using Meteorite Fragment
King Tut's Dagger Was Made Using Meteorite Fragment

King Tut and the objects in his tomb have fascinated people for decades.

Recently, researchers from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Milan Polytechnic, and Pisa University made one more mind-blowing discovery about the ruler's final resting situation, reports Gizmodo.

King Tut was laid to rest with a dagger made of material from space, according to Seeker.

Non-invasive testing of the piece revealed it contains meteoric iron.

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Further, researchers located the likely source of the metal at a seaport roughly 150 miles outside of Alexandria, notes Gizmodo.

Seeker is reporting that, early Egyptians have been known to place a great importance on such metals from the heavens, perhaps interpreting them as messages from the gods.

They also held craftsmanship in high regard, and had developed advanced skills in the area of metal smithing as early as the 14th century BC.

The dagger is currently on view at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.