Is this a painting of Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway? The internet can't figure it out

Anne Hathaway's Baby Made Her Miss Her Own Movie
Anne Hathaway's Baby Made Her Miss Her Own Movie

Like a mind-bending optical illusion or a toddler in a gorilla cage, the internet has suddenly found a muse that it's unable to look away from, this time in the form of a mysterious painting of a dark-haired woman who looks like either Penelope Cruz or Anne Hathaway.

The photo of the painting in question was originally posted to Facebook by New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, who encountered the stunning likeness during an AirBnB stay in Italy.

"Working in Rome for a few days. Tom and I did the Airbnb thing. Our odd apartment has this huge painting. He says Penelope Cruz. I say Anne Hathaway. Before I ask the owners and report back, YOU vote. Who is painted here?" Bruni captioned the photo.

Though the painting is giving off a very Andrea Sachs vibe, we must never forget that Penelope Cruz rocked a side swept bang in 2011.

The other possibility, of course, is that the subject of the painting is just a random Italian woman, and that, once again, we've gotten ourselves all worked up over nothing.

Anne Hathaway through the years: