Debra Messing apologizes for posting selfie amid UCLA shooting news, says she was 'shocked' by the 'horrible irony'

Shooting at T.I. Concert in NYC Leaves One Dead, Three Wounded
Shooting at T.I. Concert in NYC Leaves One Dead, Three Wounded

Debra Messing has apologized for a selfie she posted amid breaking news of a shooting on the UCLA campus.

Two males were killed in an apparent murder-suicide on the California college campus on Wednesday, according to the Los Angeles Times, which also reports that classes have been canceled for the day after a campus-wide lockdown was lifted.

"The campus is now safe," said LAPD police chief Charlie Beck at a news conference on Wednesday afternoon. "The issue that occurred has been contained."

While Messing was participating in a pre-planned campaign aimed at raising awareness of gun violence, she apparently saw news of the shooting, and posted, then subsequently deleted, a selfie, writing, "HORRENDOUS Watching news about shooting at UCLA with casualties while taking selfie to bring awareness to gun violence."

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After deleting the photo and receiving backlash from Twitter, Messing posted several messages to clarify, writing, "Take a stand. This day was predetermined as a day of awareness. Don't belittle the effort. #wecandobetter."

The 47-year-old actress tweeted out a subsequent message on the incident, which read, "I was so shocked and struck by the horrible IRONY that yet another shooting was occurring as I was participating in this effort... In an effort to highlight the irony, I posted a picture referencing the breaking news."

"I am heartbroken and embarrassed that many people misconstrued my actions and that I caused offense," she continued. "The horrendous irony of the timing, I was hoping, would shine an even brighter light on the crisis and need for all of us to do something together to make the US safer. I am so truly sorry."

Meanwhile, many in Hollywood took to social media as the shooting news was unfolding.

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Neighbors 2 star Chloe Grace Moretz wrote, "UCLA school shooting, When is enough enough. It's time to change our gun laws and change America."

Daredevil star Rosario Dawson tweeted, "Thoughts and prayers of safety for everyone on UCLA campus...!"

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Electronic musician Zedd also reached out on Twitter, writing, "Absolutely disgusting to read about what's happening at UCLA right now. Hoping everyone stays safe."

And UCLA alum Gabrielle Union wrote, "Prayers up for UCLA! #Bruin'96."

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