A 19-year-old high school dropout is making six figures by helping companies market to this generation

This 19-Year-Old Makes 6 Figures Helping Companies Market to Gen Z
This 19-Year-Old Makes 6 Figures Helping Companies Market to Gen Z

Nineteen-year-old Patrick Finnegan knows who big name brands should be focusing their advertising on, and isn't afraid to share how he thinks they should do it with some of the most successful people in the entertainment business.

This includes the former president of Def Jam records Kevin Liles, among other billionaires and CEOs.

Finnegan's approach? Switch the focus from targeting millennials towards appealing to Generation Z ("Gen Z" for short).

Gen Z encompasses those born in the late 90s and mid-2000s—the age group born just a few years later than the youngest millennials.

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The New York Times reported that Gen Z includes up to 60M members, making Gen Z about 1M people larger than the millennial generation.

The group is highly desirable to market towards. CNN Money reported that the buying power of Gen Z is "already an estimated $44 billion."

Finnegan, who dropped out of high school to pursue a career launching two startups that ended up failing, moved to New York to start his current profession as a Gen Z consultant of sorts.

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Translation: He works alongside marketing firms and investors and helps them appeal to Gen Z.

Finnegan is currently working for Studio.V, where he is paid an undisclosed salary and portion of the company's carried interest. Combine this with a couple thousand dollars that he makes each month through different consulting deals, and it's easy to see how Finnegan is easily on his way to bringing in six figures this year.

Not too shabby.

Finnegan posted a YouTube video in which he gave sound advice to any entrepreneur trying to launch their career:

"...Don't be afraid to make an ask. That's my second piece of advice. People will help you. But you have to come from an authentic place, because if you're real, they'll know it."

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