10 confessions from pregnant employees might shock you

When you're pregnant, you need to take tip-top care of your body (and your baby's body). That doesn't just mean eating healthy and drinking enough water -- it also includes keeping yourself relatively stress-free and out of physically demanding situations. Oftentimes, the demands of a normal workday make it difficult to take as good care of your pregnant body as you'd like to.

Several pregnant employees took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express what it's really like to be a pregnant person in the workforce.

1. Your employees might not completely understand the physical toll pregnancy can have on you, even at the beginning:


2. Just because you choose to share exciting news about your pregnancy, that doesn't mean you want everyone to invade your privacy:


3. It's hard to find an appropriate excuse for laying low with physical labor, especially before your coworkers know that you're pregnant:

My coworkers don

4. Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you have to completely stop your workflow:

I hate when my coworkers keep me from doing my job. I

5. It might be an awkward scenario if and when the time comes to return to work if your job is being done by someone else:


6. When your coworkers help you out, you start to realize why your team flows well professionally as well as personally:

I work at a hotel, and we have to set the meeting space up for different events, and none of my coworkers let me because I

7. You probably wonder what your coworkers who don't know that you're pregnant think of your changing stomach:

My belly is starting to show so fast... Hopefully people at work just think I

8. Getting used to a more stress-free work style might be a challenge in and of itself:


9. Everyone loves a newborn baby:

I think people at work are more excited that I

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