This is what it really feels like to get passed up for a promotion

There are a lot of complex emotions that contribute to your enjoyment of your career. Even if you like your job, there is a good chance that compensation and level of responsibility drives you to continue to do it. So when you think that you're going to get more money or a more managerial status and then get passed over for the job you want, it might detrimentally affect your level of enjoyment at work. It's an easy way to make an employee feel undervalued or even disrespected.

Several employees took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to express how they felt when they got rejected for a promotion they thought they deserved.

1. Not getting a higher-up job might make you feel like you're doing poorly at your current job:


2. Even knowing that you're being competed against can make you feel like your colleagues aren't working in your favor:

I was getting trained for a promotion. Arrive at work to find out someone else will be interviewed for the position

3. You might feel a conflict when you're upset at work but don't feel comfortable sharing how you feel with your coworkers:

I didn

4. Working hard might feel pointless when you feel like there's not going to be any reward or recognition:

I worked tons of unpaid overtime for my company only to find out I got passed up for a promotion. I don

5. Even if you understand why someone else was chosen over you, that doesn't mean it's easy for you to deal with:

I got passed up for a promotion because they thought it would be too much of a learning curve in too little time. I understand and respect the decision but I

6. Once you try enough times with no positive outcome, you might feel like giving up altogether:

Another internal interview where I didn

7. It probably will drive you crazy when you see the person who got a promotion over you totally failing at what they're doing:


8. It's especially hard to deal with rejection when you're sure that you're going to get the job:

I want to binge drink and call out sick from work tomorrow because I

9. What's the most difficult is to pretend to be happy for someone when you're actually completely disappointed:

My friend got the promotion I wanted. He

10. It might feel like an even greater slap in the face if your employers don't pay you the courtesy of at least being straightforward with you about uncomfortable subjects:

I got passed up for a promotion and my boss lied to me about it. She is non confrontational. I kinda hate her right now. Like I want my fist to confront her head. That

11. Sometimes, it's best to stay where you are for a while:

I didn

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