Think you "get" millennials? Get paid $20,000 an hour to instill your knowledge

What Do Millennials Want From Work?
What Do Millennials Want From Work?

If you know a thing or two about Gen Y, this might make you consider switching careers.

Millennials listen up. As much as your colleagues are terrified of the supposed workplace apocalypse your generation brings, plenty of companies are overly eager for your talents. They desperately need your help decoding your fellow Gen Y workers. Some are willing to pay upwards of $20,000 an hour for it.

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Wall Street Journal recently dug into a newly burgeoning industry: millennial consulting. Companies like Oracle, Red Robin Burgers and LinkedIn bring in these intergenerational consultants to help them better understand how to keep young people engaged at work.

"I see my role as a translator," Millennial expert Lindsey Pollak told WSJ. ""There is somewhat of a disconnect between young people, their hopes, goals and expectations, and what companies think young people want." You might think you need to be a millennial to be able to represent the group, but that's not true. Pollak is 41 years old, and other millennial consultants range in age. Some of the them have millennial children themselves.

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So what advice or business leadership direction do these millennial experts offer? They help their clients better understand what this generation values and is motivated by. The end goal is to bridge gaps between their multi-general workforces and increase employee engagement on the job.

So it's less about which in-office games to buy or which flavors of LaCroix to stock your shelves with. It's more about retaining talent by making changes that appeal to Millennials. Recommendations might include offering more flexible hours, encouraging more interaction between C-level and entry-level employees, team-building activities and lightning up corporate meetings.

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