The most commonly misspelled words by state

The Most Commonly Misspelled Words By State
The Most Commonly Misspelled Words By State

We're all guilty of Googling how to spell a word we were taught back in 4th grade, but no longer remember. Well, just to rub it in, using search queries beginning with "how to spell" followed by a certain word.

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Google was able to determine the hardest words to spell ... for each and every state in the U.S.

Some of them will shock you ... or maybe just embarrass you.

People in California, Connecticut, Idaho and Indiana, don't know how to spell desert...probably because somebody decided to make the word dessert and confuse us all.

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Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Pennsylvania seem to be home to some flaky people. Cancelled was the most looked up word in all four states.

We can't blame the people of Missouri, North Carolina and Washington. Nobody knows how to spell pneumonia anyways. Is it e before u except after every other letter except n?

Some of the weird ones -- people in Ohio don't know how to spell banana. Oh come on that one's just easy..BA-NA-NA.

Wyoming residents looked up the spelling of ornery the most...which makes sense since it sounds like a word only people from Wyoming would actually use.

My personal favorite, and the most ironic, people in Massachusetts don't know how to spell ... Massachusetts.

Hey, as long as you can at least read the words correctly, you're doing okay.