Disney execs are reportedly 'not happy' with the 'Star Wars' spin-off and have demanded reshoots

Expensive Reshoots for 'Star Wars: Rogue One'
Expensive Reshoots for 'Star Wars: Rogue One'

Disney may have its first hiccup in its lucrative "Star Wars" franchise.

The first cut of "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" was shown to Disney executives, and they were not satisfied, according to a Page Six story quoting an anonymous source.

The source told Page Six that the execs "are not happy with the movie" and it will now go back and do four weeks of reshoots in July.

Directed by Gareth Edwards ("Godzilla") and starring Felicity Jones, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, and Diego Luna, "Rogue One" is the first feature-length spin-off of the "Star Wars" saga. It looks at the Rebel forces taking on the Empire before the events that transpire in "Episode IV," the original 1977 film.

Reshoots are nothing new for a large movie. In March, news broke that "Suicide Squad" was also going back for reshoots.

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In fact, most Hollywood movies, especially titles like "Rogue One" that have the studio's full attention, do reshoots. Sometimes it's to clean up clarity in scenes, while other times there are rewrites after the first cut is screened. But what will put "Star Wars" fans on edge is that, if you believe the Page Six source, Disney execs aren't happy with what they saw in "Rogue One."

There's certainly a lot of pressure for Edwards to deliver the same kind of hit that J.J. Abrams did with "The Force Awakens," but that might set up unfair expectations.

Abrams took a lot of the great parts of the original trilogy to continue the story in "Force Awakens." Though there will certainly be some "Star Wars" hallmarks in "Rogue One" (maybe even a cameo by the young Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich), the movie will basically be a brand new tale. And if there's anything Hollywood studio heads don't like, it's putting hundreds of millions of dollars into something that isn't a sure thing.

So think of the reshoots as Disney trying to hedge its bet.

"Rogue One" will open in theaters December 16.

Disney did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

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