Snorting chocolate becomes all the rage in Europe nightclubs

Some People Are Snorting Chocolate To Get High
Some People Are Snorting Chocolate To Get High

Drugs like Ecstasy and LSD have become staples in nightclub scenes around the world. But there's a new product taking over parties in Europe -- and some claim it's a totally sweet trip.

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Clubbers have started snorting lines of cocoa to get high, according to the Daily Mail.

Users reportedly get buzzed from taking the chocolate in drink, pill or powdered form.

It then sends a rush of endorphins into users' bloodstreams, which can give them a euphoric feeling, especially when coupled with dancing.

See a cocoa snorting machine:

Some clubs, like Lucid in Berlin, even offer the cocoa to party goers in place of alcohol.

"We have local artisans and culinary adventurers serving various high vibe medicines such as raw Cacao, super-food smoothies, herbal concoctions, vegan cuisine and much more," their website reads.

Lucid organizer Ruby May told OZY she mixes 18 lbs of cocoa for the night with honey, agave syrup and cinnamon to give users an even more aromatic experience.

"It's like a smooth, sensual hug in a cup," she said.

While advocates claim this is a safe and legal way to get high, medical experts aren't so sure, Yahoo News reported.

"Snorting chocolate powder is not safe, because the powder is perceived by the nose as a foreign toxic substance," said Dr. Jordan Josephson, an ear, nose and throat and sinus specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

Perhaps ravers should just stick to the old fashioned method of eating it as candy.