Science has plans for gorilla Harambe's remains

Science Has Plans For Gorilla Harambe's Remains

By: Jordyn Rolling for Buzz 60

Many are mourning Harambe the gorilla who was shot and killed by zoo personnel at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It happened after workers rushed to the scene to rescue a child who climbed into his enclosure.

Zoo officials are now saying the silverback gorilla won't be buried or cremated.

Instead scientists are using his tissue to help carry on his species and potentially for research.

Reproductive biologists collected sperm from the 17 year old who hadn't reached breeding maturity.

But since Western Lowland Gorillas are critically endangered they may attempt to use the tissue to breed a healthy baby gorilla.

Celebrities react to Harambe's killing

Celebrities react to Harambe the Gorilla's killing
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Science has plans for gorilla Harambe's remains
RIP #harambe Im sure I will get tons of backlash (per usual) I mean let's be honest, I wear the wrong sweatpants and the entire world has something to say about it, but once again , another senseless horrendous animal being killed over people not using their brains. If you watch the footage, you see this gorgeous animal holding that child's hand. Do with that ,what you will. As sad as this makes me, a part of me is happy for that amazing creature doesn't have to live in captivity another day. Bring on the hate!!!! 👍🏼
Damn homie.. You was just chillin at your crib. R.I.P
Oh the poor gorilla,he did nothing wrong,if you watch the video,so a mother I would've jumped in too.
It seems that some gorillas make better parents than some people.
If your kid purposefully falls into a gorilla cage, you should just tell your kid goodbye. That's called Darwinism.
If you leave your kid in a car you go to jail, if you let your kid fall into a Gorilla Enclosure u should too! #TeamDl
It saddens me to no end that a gorilla had to be put down because of an irresponsible parent. However you look at it, that's just sad.
If I ever let my toddler fall into a gorilla enclosure please leave the gorilla alone and just shoot me.
Taking their eye off the ball, but no child should ever be able to crawl into a gorilla compound.
How was the gorilla enclosure not child proof? You're dealing with an endangered species & yet you've made it possible for kids to fall in?
For the record, the parents are absolutely partially at fault, but it shouldn't have been possible, unsupervised or otherwise.
This is why I hate zoos! This is so messed up. This poor gorilla.
I just don't see how your kid ends up in a gorilla pit. I come from one of those if the kids being too quiet something wrong families.
that Gorilla tt is a rabbit hole i can't stop reading. both tragedy & comedy
PLEASE morning shows, don't put these idiot parents on your programs. The gorilla is dead. NO ONE wants to hear from them. #Harambe
"17 yr old Harambe the Gorilla was shot dead after boy falls into Ohio zoo enclosure" Where were the parents?!
Last week a naked man in Chile jumped in a lion den on purpose now this boy with the gorilla...Beautiful innocent animals killed. Smh 💔 🦁🦁🐵

The zoo has a history of breeding the animals.

As of August, it's 50th gorilla was born.

The zoo also says its been contacted by scientists interested in using other pieces of Harambe's tissue for medical research to help advance the species.

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