Rare condition causes baby in India to go through puberty

Rare Condition Causes Baby In India To Go Through Puberty
Rare Condition Causes Baby In India To Go Through Puberty

Puberty typically begins during the teen or pre-teen years, but a child in India has begun to display the signs at a shockingly early age.

The Hindustan Times is reporting that the boy's parents noticed their baby was abnormally tall with overly developed genitals when he was just six months old.

They took him to the doctor a year later; by that time he also had hair on his face and body, a changing voice, and "fully developed sexual organs."

According to Mirror, the boy was diagnosed with precocious puberty, a rare disease one pediatrician said he sees about "once every 10 years."

Because of the condition, the child has the amount of testosterone typically found in a 25-year-old man, notes the Daily Mail.

Thankfully, his doctor did not find a tumor, which is not only a common cause of the disorder but can further complicate the condition. The child was put on a program to suppress the hormones.

Without treatment, children with precocious puberty have been known to experience mental trauma, behave violently, and stop growing once they've reached a height of 3 to 4 feet, according to the Hindustan Times.

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