NBA Finals tickets are mind-bogglingly expensive

Bernie Sanders shows up to Warriors Game 7 - and everyone goes mad
Bernie Sanders shows up to Warriors Game 7 - and everyone goes mad

it's no secret that fans wishing to attend NBA Playoffs games this postseason have been forced to fork over significant amounts of cash.

For Monday night's Game 7 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors at Oracle Arena, one fan shelled out $58,000 for a pair of floor seats -- more than the median U.S. household income for a year in 2015.

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According to SeatGeek, ticket prices for the impending NBA Finals will be significantly cheaper than that -- but still wildly expensive.

As of Tuesday morning, the cheapest NBA Finals ticket was going for $366, which was the least expensive way in to Game 4 in Cleveland. If you're hoping to buy tickets in advance to a potential Game 7, that'll run you a minimum of $1,235 (as of this writing).

Last year, for Game 1 in Oakland, prices ranged from $678 to $7,587. Game 3 in Cleveland spanned from $304 to $9,543 and the cheapest way into a potential Game 7 would've run somebody $1,026.

They're the most important games of the year, and if the on-court product didn't tell you that, the market definitely will.

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