Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart becomes crime reporter

Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart Becomes Crime Reporter
Kidnap Victim Elizabeth Smart Becomes Crime Reporter

Elizabeth Smart first made headlines in 2002 when she was abducted from her Salt Lake City bedroom.

Now, she's making news a different way, as a correspondent for the daytime TV show "Crime Watch Daily," which provides in-depth investigations of unsolved crimes.

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Smart was only 14-years-old when she was kidnapped from her parents' home. She was found nine months later in the captivity of Brian Mitchell and Wanda Barzee, who are now in prison.

During her court testimony, Smart revealed she was raped multiple times while being held against her will.

Now Smart is using her own trauma to help bring other victims' stories to light.

On the show, Smart speaks to two women who were repeatedly raped while they attended Brigham Young University.

When talking about one of the victims, she said, "Going back over her story reminds me of how I felt and what I went through, and that's hard."

In addition to her correspondent role, Smart also serves as an activist and contributor for ABC News.

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