Here is further proof that Rihanna loves pasta

Double-Tap Worthy Instagrams from Celeb Foodies
Double-Tap Worthy Instagrams from Celeb Foodies

Rihanna is a woman of many passions. Besides music, she loves weed, fashion, sheer garments, soccer, and, most important, pasta.

"Page Six" reports that the singer, along with Naomi Campbell, ate dinner at New York restaurant Emilio's Ballato on Sunday night, where she ordered "ravioli with meat sauce, pasta e fagioli and rigatoni alla bolognese." Restaurateur Emilio Vitolo commented, "They are beautiful girls and they ate everything."

This is not the first time Rihanna's enthusiasm for pasta has been made known. In a Vanity Fair profile from November 2015, she ordered three (3) different varieties at one meal.

When she orders three half-portions of pasta dishes (spaghetti pomodoro with basil, gnocchi, and ravioli), I ask how she maintains her curvy but slim figure. She says, "Legit, I have been in the gym every day this week because I am not willing to give up my food. But I will sacrifice an hour for the gym."

And back in 2011, People posted one of Rihanna's favorite recipes, a simple spaghetti with garlic and olive oil.

We can only hope that there's an upcoming Rihanna and Mario Batali pasta cookbook in the works. [Kisses fingertips like an Italian chef.]

Rihanna through the years: