Doctors fear botox may dramatically decrease bone density

Doctors Fear Botox May Dramatically Decrease Bone Density
Doctors Fear Botox May Dramatically Decrease Bone Density

Botox has been a staple in the plastic surgery community for years now. Some people use the drug to slim down the size of their lower face, giving them a more contoured appearance.

However, vanity isn't the only reason people turn to the needle.

The formula is also used to treat health conditions. Botox has been used to stop teeth grinding by reducing the large chewing muscles on the jaw.

Grinding can be an issue, as the habit often leads to headaches and facial pain.

After Botox treatment, the results occur quickly – within just a few weeks, and it works! Doctors have found this method just as effective as wearing a mouth guard.

Unfortunately, the treatment does come with negative side effects. It may trigger a significant loss of bone density in the jaw, with some bones losing up to 40 percent of volume after just one session.

Doctors cannot predict if the strength will return to the bones. It is agreed upon that with regular Botox treatment, returning to normal density is highly unlikely.

Perhaps the big ugly mouth guard isn't such a bad alternative.